Saturday, August 16, 2008

Discover new music!

Discover not only new music but new videos and pictures at Imeem.

What is Imeem?
You can treat Imeem either as a 'just another social media' or treat it as where only creative people with refined tastes meet and share music, videos and pictures. Oh yes, I forgot to include blogs also along with others.

I ahve been using these social medias mainly to promote my blogs but at times, I am inspired to create useful content for my blogs.

Imeem is attractively designed and they have written a catchy slogan to attract music lovers: "Concert Finder; The easiest way to find the hottest shows in your town"

No, this community is not for me as I am not interested in this kind entertainments.
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Mustafa said...

Imeem is totally new for most of us.
First time i read about any other social medial to discover the video and music.It's really interesting one for me.I hope it will attract music lovers.If you want to send some gist to any one then you can check the site
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