Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Want to teach or learn something ?

This site-Jade Fish is my greatest find till date. This ideally suits my life slogan-"Pass it on; Share"

I have a great passion to teach and equally great willingness to learn.
Jadefish is a place where you can find someone to teach you a particular skill, like playing the guitar or painting. Or where you could get and entire platoon of willing students for you to impart your skills.

Isn't that wonderful? I commend the creator of the Jade Fish website. A brilliant concept! It is a place for teachers, students to discover and socialize.

The most unfortunate thing is, I found out that the site has disappeared into thin air; it no longer exists. Only the domain is parked by with some hopes that the domain will be picked up by someone in the cyberspace.

The press release of Jade Fish was forwarded to me two years late!

I hope someone likes the concept of the website and make it alive.
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