Friday, August 08, 2008

Help Your Organization Automate, Coordinate & Collaborate.

In order to blend with the latest business mashups technology using webinar (short for web seminar), businessmen should put in a lot effort to increase their productivity.

Business Mashups drive business productivity by automating and coordinating collaboration across people and systems. But how do you justify the investment? How do you explain the power of Business Mashups to others in your organization?

Join master masher Tim Zonca as he shows you how to build a business case for Business Mashups. Tim will share metrics and examples that quantify the gains in productivity the customers see everyday through Business Mashups.

View this webinar and you will:
  • Learn to build your own business case for Business Mashups
  • See hard data on gains and successes that Business Mashups have provided other organizations
  • Receive the "Business Case for Business Mashups" white paper
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