Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Name, shame and claim!

The concept behind "Can You Trust them.com" is just brilliant and praise worthy.

Internet is the most used place in the world for people to vent out their anger, disappointment, events of deception. There are various avenues for this out cry such as forums, blogs, social media sites and so on.

Entrapping the Internet's reach in quick time, this website canyoutrustthem.con has been created for all of us to name, shame and claim against any company or individual that has ripped you off or wronged you in any way, leaving you out of pocket or aggrieved - whether it be a kitchen company, a bank or loan company, utility/telephone provider car garage, tradesman, web site, high street shop/service or any UK individual or company, including an employer.

How it works? Are your cries heard loud and clear?
Yes, it will be heard but we can't bring out those who act deaf-right?

Your story /complaint/experience will be posted for the world to see and can be tread as for warning others. Here itself, I would have been satisfied if it were up to me.

The site will alert you when the company or individual has made contact to settle your claim or complaint, when fully satisfied with your settlement you can then remove your claim from the register.

I like this web site and appreciate the effort of developers.
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