Saturday, January 17, 2009

Find and stumble quotes.

I love reading quotes from famous people. When I was subscribing the Reader's Digest, I first read the 'quotable quotes'. I also compile the quotes I like and use them in my blogs and in parties. I like the adulation when I expose my knowledge.

Here is a website called Quote Stumbler. I liked it the moment I saw its review in Cool sites of the day. Quote Stumbler is a tool to help people discover new quotes.

The site consists of a database of roughly 18,000 quotes by famous authors, politicians, and other historical figures.

My God, it will take one year to read all the quotes.

When I opened the site, I saw this quotation randomly selected by the site.
"Morality is the weakness of the mind"

Did you notice the hyperlinked words above? When clicked on any one of them, quotes containing the word will be presented.

At the top left, you will find a button, "Find a quote". When clicked on, it presents a search box where you can type any word and the system will present the quotes containing that word you typed.

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