Monday, February 09, 2009

Get things done by others.

My husband is a fine example of stress free living. He is very clear on what he will do and what he will let other do for a price. 'We can't possess all the skills' is his favorite cliche.

Echoing his opinions and views, here is a web site that is a sort of online skill matching platform where you get things done by others and you too do certain jobs for others.

Do My Stuff is a service that brings people together-both the skilled persons and the task requesters. If you are seeking a work to be done, then you do so by placing a bid.

I browsed through the list of outsourced tasks and I am amused the range of services that are in demand. Walking the dogs, cleaning up the garage, entering emails from business cards to computer (data entry), paint a tree are a few samples of outsourced work.

Visit the site to know how it works.
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