Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lingerie sales down in Japan.

Japanese women are rejecting the Americans’ favorite lingerie because they are now reverting back to loin clothes. This is news in real sense. This news is receiving several interpretations and one of them says loin clothes are now called Sexy Lingerie by Japanese women.

Sure, loin clothes are sexier than lingerie but they lack appeal. I don’t think women will feel sexy wearing anything other than modern lingerie and corsets. I foresee a turn around and lingerie will claim back its coveted place in fashion magazines in Japan. is an exclusive online shop for inner garments that include corsets, chemises and garter belts. These very personal inner garments only make the women more confidence than external beauty applications. One can find great range of women’s products in this website.

Would any young man dare gift chemises and open busted lingerie to his valentine on Feb 14th?

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