Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nextstop helps you discover new places to enjoy.

What an useful site the Next Stop is? It is a brilliant idea really.

Next Stop is a website where everyone can share the places they visited and liked and can recommend what to see in their own city.

Travel recommendations by actual users instead of a professional travelogue author is always authentic and lively. Since a place for example Dublin can be explained by several persons, you get an unbiased and true picture.

Dublin has been in my imagination and wish list for a long time; so I searched for 'Dublin' in Next Stop. I clicked on "Exploring Dublin in the unlikely event of good weather' . There are 5 recommendations in that post including Merrion Park and Stephen's Green park and also a pub where one taste the best of Guinness brews.

You too can share your likes and dislikes. Great website-the Next Stop.
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