Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Access your PC from anywhere.

"Operator" will see your computer display
You'll see the display of "Client"
1.Say your ID to "Operator" 1.Click to the "Operator" tab
2.Press the "Start" button 2.Enter the client ID and press the "Connect" button
3.Press the "Accept" button, when an operator is connecting

Do you recognize and comprehend this table? Can you guess what it suggests?

It is a table that explains how a remote compute access tool works. Accessing your computer remotely is very handy for salesmen, teachers and students.

Ammyy is one such remote computer access tool that seems to be very friendly tool. Users of AMMYY can provide remote assistance and can do remote administration. Ammyy connects remote computers within seconds in a secured environment.

Whenever I come across remote computer access tool, I try only to abandon shortly thereafter due incompatibility. I hope this will stand by me for a long time.

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