Friday, July 10, 2009

Find the intelligent answers.

There was a burning question in me: "What is the actual purpose of awarding a honorary doctor degree to non-medical persons"?

I found out the answer today.
"The university derives benefits by association with the person in question"-is that so?

I am amazed. I also learnt that the person who thus honored should include the letters h.c. after to indicate “honoris causa”) when is expressed in writing.

Very interesting.

You too may have such questions that you want find answers-eh?

For example:
"Is it worth paying an extra £30 for a Q-bot at Legoland Windsor?"
"Which British prime minister was Canadian? "

Where can you find answers for them?

Go to Intelligent Answers. It is a forum actually where your questions ca be posted and wait for some intelligent people to answer them.
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