Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Google's flipper flattens browsing ways.

Google Labs-the place where world's most geniuses are employed have come out with yet another fantastic product called 'Flipper".

This one product is sufficient to tell the world of netizens that why Yahoo! or MSN can't match the Google.

The Flipper enables us to browse the website faster; it is just like a magazine that we flip through its pages and stops to read a page that interests or attracts us.

Other who have helped Google to launch Flipper are The New York Times and Techcrunch.

What this Flipper shows is only a bunch of images of newspapers and blogs.
When you click on an image, it loads into a website.

The images are arranged as 'Popular", "Sections", "Topics" and "Sources".

You can also search the Flipper just like any other search engine.
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