Friday, May 28, 2010

Read Filthy Lucre.

As a passionate blogger, it is my habit to read myriad blogs on myriad subjects. While reading, I pick valuable knowledge, ideas for my blog content and appreciate well written blogs. I generally subscribe to blogs that I think are better than mine.

Ed Shull's Filthy Lucre ( somehow escaped my attention so far. Man, he writes so well! He is comfortable with diverse topics that include health, lifestyle and money.

Today, I read his blog post on a diner named Maple Tree in Las Vegas. Of course, I have no intention of ever going to Las Vegas, so, the restaurant itself did not interest me.

I was enjoying the way he wrote his blog post. Very creative. While reading his article, I also learnt about Cha Cha, an useful search engine that answers to odd questions.
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