Thursday, July 15, 2010

Free logo mats.

The moment I stepped into the exhibition hall, I stepped back. The entire trade show flooring must have been redone. The exhibition hall where various kinds of trade shows and events were held is the most hired place by all the event managers.

First, the air-conditioning effect was better. Even newspapers were reporting about poor air-conditioning and it thus far failed to evoke a response from the exhibition hall manager.

More water dispensers were found at prominent placer. The old trade show carpet was replaced by a brightly colored carpet. It was heavenly to walk on it. I was a bit surprised to note some gaps in the hall that were not covered by the new carpet. The floor was bare at those places.

Later, I learnt that the uncovered places were reserved for a few retail outlets that were going to display their own logo mats with their brand printed on them. Of late, even small shops placed their printed logo mats at the entrance of their outlets.

A few affluent retail chains were giving away their logo mats free to shoppers who buy for higher values. Certainly, a nice way to lure more customers-eh?

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