Monday, July 19, 2010

Indian news and products portal making waves in blogosphere.

I have been bouncing on in the last couple of days. Every encounter with this web site is accidental and that means the site is efficiently advertised in the web.

But even after viewing it for more than 5 times, I can't decipher what is the site about. It seems to be collection of links to other websites on various categories. The links on images lead to other web sites which again when clicked on lead to more sites.

It is an Indian web site that says it is a news and product portal which many can miss seeing it. I also guess the site is built on an autoblog platform. However, the sites is fun to spend time if you are bored or serious about finding interesting topics to blog about.

I will use it as ab excellent source for blog content and article writing.

For example, look at this futuristic iPhone! It is windows iPhone with touch screen. It enables 3D video calling!

Doesn't this make an ideal news for gadgets bloggers?

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