Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Get anything done for less than $7

Get any online jobs done for $1, $3, $5 and $7-very odd eh?

Gighour.com is another clone of popular and more intensely participated fiverr.com, an online marketplace for freelancers.

Here, a freelancer posts something that he can do for the specified amount. If you are in need of his service, you pay his fee and get it done by him.

What are the services posted?
Just anything! Yes, I mean it when I say anything.

Look at these examples below:
* I will pretend to be your girl friend for one day to invoke jealousy.
* I will write articles for you.
* I will tweet your message to my 14,000 Twitter followers.

The possibilities are endless man!

Most of the work carried out by the freelancers are satisfactory. Since their reputation depends on the job providers' feedback, you get a decent job done.

Try gighour.com now!

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