Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gold bars fifty years before!

After I assured my mother-in-law that I would explore the possibilities of ordering custom engraved bullion bar, I contacted my husband’s friend who is a leading jeweler in Madras.

After listening to me, he expressed his inability to serve me. He buys gold bars only to melt and make jewels. He doesn’t sell gold bars but he told me that he could supply me with customized gold coins if I order in large quantities.

I backed away. I have no need for gold coins in large quantities.

Then I carefully read the web site of U.S. Gold Bureau, the largest seller of gold bars in the world. No, I could not find any information regarding custom inscription.

I have convinced my mother-in-law that she could buy gold bars with custom inscriptions.

She then showed me a gold bar that bore her family name and date of purchase. She told me it was possible 50 years ago.

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