Thursday, November 04, 2010

Entertaning video stories online.

Did you hear your grandma say, come on child; I have no time to tell you stories anymore; I must catch with my friend in Facebook".

You can't blame her. After all, she is living in the age of digital world and digital social networking has not spared anyone. Your grandma too is a willing victim.

However, don't worry children!! There are plenty of video stories online that will be much more entertaining and more insightful too.

In addition, these video stories are read by other kids like you! You have lots of choices of stories that include the ever favorite fairy tales.

The video stories are called Smories and they are classified into two age groups. Each video story is only 10 minutes long.

Try it today by visiting where you can listen to a video story of your choice that is read by a kid and you can also read the story lines that are displayed along with her voice.
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