Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to find less crowded beaches in the world?

Among the avid travelers, ocean front locales are the star attraction. It is especially so among people from colder climates.

People throng popular beach fronts like Miami or Marina. However, most of the travelers are unaware of thousands of beaches across the globe that offer different water sports, warmer weather and stranger food and culture.

How do we find the other beaches? Is there any way to know about beaches all over the world?.

Yes, it is!
Go to It is a social website for and by the people of beach fanatics.One can find rarely visited less crowded beaches, their location map, attractions and hotels around them to stay.

There is a search facility in the site by which you can look for beaches by country. There are beaches that have no further information attached to them. I think the site is very young and needs to be populated with information.

An excellent opportunity for hoteliers to advertise in the site.
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