Thursday, March 03, 2011

Wonderful website for children fond of coloring.

This blog post is dedicated to Rekha Ravikumar, my brother's daughter who has great penchant for coloring. Ever since she was three years old (she is now 8 years), she used to spend most of her time coloring animals, flowers and myriad other things. Everyone that went to see her used to gift her with coloring crayons and other painting accessories.

In fact, the avatar on my blogger profile is a drawing (see below) by Rekha.

Here is a website for her and like minded children:
It is a free online coloring tool stuffed with thousands of drawings in their database that children can apply color and test their painting skill.

You can also search for an image and start coloring.
Here is my favorite duckling.

Here is the one that I tried my hand (mouse):
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