Sunday, March 27, 2011

World's largest recipe social network.

I am not a very good cook. In fact I don't like cooking but what to do? Being a female in India means life time cooking responsibility. However, I like watching many recipe programs in television channels. I especially like microwave cooking.

Do you know I never dared to try at least one recipe?

I don't eat garlic. However, garlic is one of the ingredients in many recipes. Today, I found out a web site dedicated to food lovers and cooks. In this site, a search box straightaway is prsented to you where you search for a dish you like without the ingredients you don't like.

Very convenient-eh?

Naturally, my first search was "sambar" without "garlic". I got the result! There were 13 recipes for my search term.

My next search was for cakes without eggs. There are 373 recipes.

There are more features in
It is claimed as the world's largest recipe network that contains recipes of every kind from across the world.
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