Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Software the helps you to browse usefully.

Internet workers are addict. I accept, I too am one even after 10 years in the Internet business. Beginners invariably get carried away by the information entertainment. One link to another rather irrelevant to your task and then on to another and another-it goes on. You find yourself entangled inexplicably in the web.

This is a temptation that need to be curtailed. It can be done with the help of software called 'Temptation Blocker'.

After setting the software up in your desktop, just tick the programs you want to block out of your life - browsers, email, instant messaging, net phone etc. Set a time limit and press the Get Work Done! button. After that you’ll be unable to access the program until the time limit has expired.

In summary, Temptation Blocker is a program that locks you out of certain applications that cause your work gets postponed.

Source: The Red Ferret Journal
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