Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to to get your credit card and mobile phone bills reduced.

I am 100% sure this blog post is going to be read widely as this deals with ways to get your credit card and mobile phone bills reduced. Who would not look at this suggestion to save money?

I was reading the RSS feed of Day Tipper and I was intrigued by one title that said,"Shrink your mobile phone or credit card bill".

Sure, I was attracted to it like an insect toward a light source. It talked about a website
that helps you in reducing your monthly phone bill and credit card payments.

What you have to do?
Just provide your monthly spending to find out a better plan to choose or downgrade your credit card. Similarly provide your monthly talk times to find out your real usage of talk time and the site suggests you the best plan to go for phone service.

Ok, what is the name of this website?
Bill Shrink.

Obviously, Bill Shrink has helped many people as is evident from a few testimonials published. Also, the press has covered the web site widely. Cnet news, Washington Post, New York Times have published news about Bill Shrink.

"Type in your needs and budget, and the site sends you an e-mail message when a better plan comes along."-New York Times.
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