Thursday, September 29, 2011

One of the most visited sites in the Internet.

Webopedia is one of the most visited sites in the Internet. It is an online resource site for knowing computer and Internet terms; a sort of glossary of computer.

At Webopedia, you'll learn what DDR and SDRAM are, what RAID stands for, and how TCP/IP beams messages around the world.

One can also use the site to gain knowledge required before shopping for computer accessories such as RAM, portable memory discs, external modems, sound and graphics card etc.

Whatever I read (VPN for example) was short and sweet which also enlightened me without any ambiguity. though I am dumb technologically.

I am sure you can find in depth information in Webopedia. Nevertheless, the site is cluttered with ads, making the navigation a nightmare.

No offense intended please.
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