Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to make money using

I was recommended to visit, a real time search engine that shows the most popular links in Twitter. My curiosity was fully aroused. It must be interesting I thought. After all, the big money makers in the Internet use data from sources as these trendings alone.

You know Google Trends is the best possible resource to make blog about and make money by blogging.

Twitter hot searches is another top class resource to milk money by writing a few lines about any one of the hot trends in Twitter in your blog.

I assumed that should be a similar resource. What I saw there failed to sustain my interest. Majority of the links are from world's leading newspapers like NY Times, NDTV, Washington Post etc.

Apart from just links, you can search for videos, photos and Tweets . I clicked on the 'Tweets' button and just to check if any of my tweets is retweeted, I searched a word that I used in my last tweet.

Voila! I got it! Someone had obviously retweeted. The phrase I searched was, "banish unwanted thoughts".

Here is the screen shot: Click on the image for a larger view.

Yes, I must agree is using a technology that helps them to index real fast. As they say, it ingests massive amounts of authored content from the world’s largest social networks.
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