Sunday, March 04, 2012

Vending box for e-commerce sites.

If you are selling multiple products online, you need to build your own store using any e-commerce script that involves a bit of work and some money.

Another disadvantage in that method is, you can upload your online store front on your domain only.

Social commerce.
How do you like a new facility whereby, a ready made online store front is given to you which you paste it on your Facebook wall or any other social media site where you are given your own web page?

This is a brilliant concept and it is aptly called social commerce. This highly customizable social e-commerce does not require you to learn anything technical to build and maintain your online store front which is known Vending Box.

Vending Box.
If you own an existing e-commerce based online store, you can easily import all your products onto your cute vending box.

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