Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A great platform for fitness buffs.

Do you know that fitness fanatics thrive on cheer? Yes, they need constant cheers that say, "Come on Mady, you can do it; you are doing just great".

After all we all look for approvals for our work in our office or at home just like students look forward to marks for their exams taken.

What if there is an exclusive social networking site is launched for fitness buffs? That would be great for them to share their workout plans, diet and progress.

There is a foreign website (Finland based)that supports several languages including English, Italian, Russian, Swedish and German. I would urge die-hard fitness buffs to visit this social networking site dedicated for them.

* You can log in your fruitful exercises. Nevertheless, none would blame you if you share your unfruitful exercises.
* Make friends with fitness buffs.
* Comment on their progress and add a cheer to them.
* Join groups to enhance your social profile.

It is a fun site to spend time.
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