Monday, November 05, 2012

Easily raise funds online for any task.

Who doesn't require money? From Obama to you, from Bill Gates to Badri (me) require money for various purposes. The only difference is the big names can easily raise funds required but you and I? 

Sometimes, we see or hear about noble project that was either started but failed to take off further due to lack of funds. Similarly, there are so many public welfare projects that cannot be implemented due to paucity of funds.

Are funds available online?
CrowdTilt – is an online website that allows people to start a campaign to raise funds for any task

How CrowdTilt works?
How to raise funds online

Ironically, there are people who have allocated funds exclusively for such charity purposes but have no way to know about projects worthy of receiving financial assistance.I request such people to visit CrowrdTild, browse through ongoing project and decide to fund them.

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