Saturday, April 21, 2007

High rise buildings and you.

The non stop construction of towering buildings all over the world throws abundant opportunities for those who are qualified to maintain the building’s HVAC-heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The career opportunities for a HVAC professional are diverse such as erection, installation and maintenance of all the machines and instruments.

Oh yes, there is a huge demand for sales professional too in this arena. The annual sales figure is in the region of US$100 billions.

Institutions offering courses leading to HVAC Certification are located far and wide in America and it takes one a lot of time to get their information without the help of a proper directory. is a comprehensive educational resource for people interested in auto mechanic schools, diesel mechanic schools, aircraft mechanic schools, motorcycle mechanic schools, marine mechanic schools, welding schools, and HVAC (Heating and Air-Conditioning systems) schools.

This directory also has very useful information about career opportunities, remuneration one can expect and licensing requirements.

Students who want to pursue studies to become an aircraft mechanic and auto mechanic can also search for schools that offer these courses.

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