Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Place a Wize widget to earn.

Wize.com is a website that features product reviews. They offer a widget for bloggers to install on their blogs.

I think I have come across a similar widget in the past but I can't recall it now. Too bad that I am losing my memory. I should have blogged about with proper tag.

Wize gathers user and expert reviews to make product research easier, quicker and more relevant for you. At Wize.com, you can research tens of thousands of products by price, brand, Wize Rank and buzz.

This is very useful for every online shoppers.

If you blog on TypePad, you can earn money by using the Wize widget. Widget is a targeted feed of product photos and rankings, designed specifically to increase conversion on product-focused blogs and web sites. The goal of the Wize widget is to provide customers with the information they need to make a good purchase decisions exactly when and where they need it.

Although this service can be used by anybody with a web site, it is especially geared towards bloggers who write about new products, products they love, or product quality. The widget is easy to set up, and will become more customizable over time.

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