Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Real estate investors get together.

The web 2.0 technology might not have envisioned its contribution to the growth of social networks. The Internet is filling up fast with more niche social networks, shrinking the world further.

The Flipping Pad is a new social network for those involved in real estate. The main purpose of its creation is to help serious and full time Realtors to share and discuss real estate investing.

The specialty of the real estate industry is that it requires near nil investment in terms of money. Even then, if one is dedicated and has built a reputation as dependable among public, one can become a millionaire in short term.

A pad is a listing of a property by a member of Flipping Pad. At present, there are 72 pads.

This can be a good market place for buying and selling of properties. Their blog can be useful for new members but not in a big way as it is not updated frequently. Their forum is also not very active.

This website needs more marketing efforts from the webmaster.

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