Thursday, January 17, 2008

Gray Boxx makes your searches easier.

“I want to find out the best architect in Coral Gables.”

“Can you recommend some computer service centers in Manhattan?”

“Whom can I approach for the best auto insurance quotes in the state of Boston?”

The answer to all these questions is the Gray Boxx. The extra ‘x’ is not a spelling

Gray Boxx is a localized search engine covering many major cities and small towns. They have 185 million recommendations in over 4000 categories that include restaurants, health clubs, architects, computer service and auto insurance and so on.

That is a staggering amount-right? With that kind of database, I would expect millions of people to get benefited.

Almost every listing has feedbacks from users. Every listing is clearly located in a map and if you ask for directions to reach, their system asks your starting place before giving directions.

The website is surprisingly simple and the navigation is smooth as silk.

Inspired by: Mashable

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