Thursday, February 21, 2008

Automatic wealth building plan from ING bank.

Well, not exactly from ING bank but from its subsidiary “Share Builder”, this wealth building plan is offered to us all. This once in a life time automatic investment plan is sure to build our wealth over a period of time.

They are offering two different plans of share investment; one is automatic investing and the other is real time investing. In both the type of investment plans, one can choose different pricing schemes. There is also a low cost affordable pricing for those who would like to enter with just $4.

I liked the idea of automatic investment scheme where I can just add stocks to my plan, and enter the dollar amount I want to invest for each of the stocks I choose. Another advantage is the liberty offered to schedule my time of investment like a fixed date, or in varying frequencies of days.

Here comes the most attractive aspect of this automatic investment plan-the choice of funding. We are offered four different options to fund our account.

Come on; tap the investor in you.

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