Monday, June 16, 2008

Hyperwords-an excellent add on to Mozilla.

Yesterday's (15th June) edition of Times of India was extremely useful. The stand out is an article about 'Hyperwords'-an add on to your browser. This add on will basically enable you to convert just any word you see anywhere in the web as a hyperword.

This means, when you highlight a text and right click on it, a pop up menu appears with 'Hyperwords' at the top of the menu. When you move your cursor over it, a sub menu displays through which, you can search Google on that highlighted word, look for references, shop at Amazon, translate to several languages, copy, email and blog.

It is an amazing utility that will make our web life easier and fun.

See a demo here.

These are the commands available to us when we hight a word.

Search engines: including sites, blogs, academic, people, news, pictures and video.
References: Wikipedia, Google Books, Wiktionary,, Internet Movie Database, World Factbook, Dictionary, UrbanDictionary, Quotations, Acronymfinder and share price.
Translation between numerous languages.
Conversions between currencies and other units.
Go via Google Lucky, URL and Skype.
Copy text plain or with URL.
Print page or selection.
Shop at 8 Internet shops including Amazon, eBay and iTunes.
Email with your desktop email program or via Gmail & Yahoo! Mail.
Tag with 6 different taggers and search.
Blog with Blogger and WordPress as well as blog search with Technorati, IceRocket and Clusty.
Blog subscribe with My Yahoo NewsGator, MyAOL, Rojo, Bloglines, NetVbes & Google.
Look up maps, local time, weather and package tracking.
Page Information about the page you are looking at including what pages link to it and who owns it.
...all in a single click!

Times of India says, " Hyperwords is a relatively new idea, and so far it has fewer than 200,000 users. But it is one of a number of new initiatives designed to transform internet browsing, by providing more connections between data, presenting information in new ways and making it easier to navigate."

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