Friday, August 29, 2008

Top class medical insurance for senior citizens.

It is better late than never. Anytime you feel like you have to safe guard your medical expenses by taking a medical insurance, please approach Globecare Medicare Supplement.

Don't try to convince yourself by saying "I am not that old". Yes, let us not visualize any illness, let us not rehearse hospitalization but let us be prepared for anything that requires unforeseen expenditure.

Why choose Globecare?
  • Very Affordable Rates
  • No Agent will Call. Buy Direct By Mail
  • Nationwide "Automatic" Claims Filing
  • Freedom to Choose your Doctors and Hospitals
  • Backed by an A+(Superior) Rated Insurance Company
I know of several cases of never deciding in favor of medical insurance and I invariable ended up arranging funds for their contingencies. Why we should unnecessarily create dependency on others' funds when we can live free of financial burdens that may arise out of poor health?

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Josh said...

Do you have underwriting on your Medicare Supplements? If so, what health questions are required to qualify?

Josh Vandenberg
PSM Brokerage