Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hugg the green.

Are you committed to the cause of Green?
Would like to share your views, opinions and news on green issues with like minded persons?
Want to stay updated on environmental matters?

Hugg is a social news site with a strong focus on environmental issues apart from categories that include politics, science, fashion and technology. Not a great combination-right? (Smile).

I like Hugg and some of the news reported make up sit up and notice. An example below will tell you what I mean:
The average American eats 67 pounds of beef a year (or about 1/10th of a cow). Problem is, that takes 167,500 gallons of water, 1072 pounds of grain, and 3.35 acres of land to produce.."

The site has very simple layout. There is no information about the developers.

My source of knowledge: Mashable.com
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