Friday, October 24, 2008

Where to find different hair styles?

A beautician that I know of was in a predicament. She was approached by a group of college students and sought her advise on latest hair styles.

She is not exposed to current styles and fashion. She is a rather conservative beautician with her own limitations.

She turned to me for help. I did a bit of research in the Internet and found a directory of hair styling saloons that has over 14,000 listings. I did not delve deep into the directory as I was least interested. I just noted down the URL of the directory and conveyed to my beautician.

No, she was not satisfied. She has no time to search for what she wanted. I was lucky with her second request. I found out UK hairdressers that has over 1000 hairstyles. This time I did peep in the website and my God, what a database of hair styles they have compiled!
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