Thursday, February 26, 2009

The largest medical supplies store online.

There was sheer surprise in store-I mean literally when I said ‘store’. The store was an online shop that deals with thousands of medical and allied products that include Diabetes strips, Kinesio tapes, computer gloves, breast feeding pillows, BP Monitors, catheters, back braces and many more.

There are a total of 55,000 products sold under hundreds of categories. Just a few minutes you spend in, and you will realize how big is this online store that is also one of the largest and most technologically advanced independently owned online retailers of life enhancing products in the United States.

My surprise factor was the number of allied products that were categorized under catheters. I wanted to find out the price for Urological catheter and I was amazed at the range offered to me.

Wonderful resource for medical practioners, paramedical people and of course for all of us.

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Rajagopalan said...

i like the way you have connected the post to the website review tag!