Saturday, February 28, 2009

A search engine cum bookmarking site.

I stumbled onto this great useful site

How do you find good blogs in a specific topic? We open Technorati or Blogdigger etc and search for blogs dealing with a specific topic.

But Sphere is not just a blog search engine but offers something significance.
This is a search engine cum bookmarking site.

Like any bookmarking site, you add their tool "Sphere it" to your Links.

For example, you are reading this post and you go to your Links and click "Sphere it".
Now Sphere will analyze the content of this post, and presents you search results with links to other web sites that match the content of the page you are viewing currently.

You can also search the Sphere with specific keywords. It is really wonderful and I don't know how I have survived without it so far.

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