Monday, April 27, 2009

Eco Baby World!

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One of my friend is an activist of green earth. She blogs about ecology, eco abuse and eco friendly websites, events and people.

I think she will like EcoBabyWorld!
I visited the site thinking that it would interest me. I am bored. But, this blog post is meant for green activists-right?

This web site is great place for eco-friendly information, eco articles, news and interviews with the people behind favorite baby products.

An interesting feature in this Eco baby World is there is a facility for companies to launch their products. I noticed several baby care products that are all green-meaning eco friendly.

There are of plenty of useful articles for all of us.
Example:How to Make Your Own Organic Baby Food

In this article, I read an amusing information: babies like yellow and orange colored fruits and vegetables-is it so?
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