Saturday, May 02, 2009

Make your customized start page.

Do you know start pages? They are the ones that will display when you open your browser. It is a way of customization and you decide what you would like to read daily in the first place.

You can set (I do) your home to Google IG by. It can have anything you decide. All you do is add stuff to be searched and displayed as per your interest.

Some people will set their home page as Yahoo! (in ancient times) but now I am sure Digg, FaceBook or any other social sites have replaced Yahoo!

I will introduce to you, your own custom search dashboard. It is a sort of your own search engines that will be like a slave to you as we have seen in the movies or read in the comics books.

Whatever you wish to look for, the search engine will obediently oblige you.
What you can do with
Choose from over 130 search engines
Drag and drop the search boxes in a way that is convenient to you.
Search for gadgets, technological news, movies launches, video games, celebrities gossip, new diet supplements and so on.

A fun way to stay updated if your a net addict like me.
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