Thursday, October 21, 2010

Social Network for finance.

I realize I am late in introducing this social network for finance but still, this might prove to be beneficial for everyone.

The recession has done something good for all of us in one way; it has brought us together in these difficult times. We are all now ready to download our financial worries on the shoulders of others who are also sailing in the same boat.

Probably this harbor will be useful for the sailors of sinking boats.

The Finance Network lets you connect with people to discuss real financial topics. Whether you want to strengthen your credit record, get the right credit card, buy a home, or to help out as a mentor - this is a great place to be.

What you can do in Finance Globe:

• Join clubs and connect with people that have similar financial goals or professions
• Learn and collaborate with our set of social communication tools
• Track credit card reviews and other areas of the site

There may be ways to repair the damaged credit. You may find something surprising to enhance your credit worthiness.

Finance Globe is free for all.

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